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Ailee nude pics

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The allkpop VP, who claims he hasn't spoken to Ailee since publishing the nude pictures, denied reports that he leaked the photos to the website he works for.

Her ex is obvious scum and I hope he faces some kind of punishment for this. Nude spread milf. Nude Heechul Photos May 29, 6: I'm just more surprised that she dated such a scumbag. But after the photos were sent out, Ailee was unable to get into contact with the company.

They're known for being super loyal and hardcore and they're the fastest to turn their backs. She uploaded it for fun and then deleted it" Source: To call allkpop the ''middleman'' in this scenario is to give them too much credit. Ailee nude pics. Several websites are alleging that it was Ailee's ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, who leaked the nude photos.

A number of girls, aside from Ailee, we're also cheated by the company, but no arrest was able to be made. She was stupid for taking nude pictures of herself, His ex-boyfriend an asshole and deserve Karma for what the crime his doing. Ailee, I hope that girl recovers from this shes too much of a talented to let her get buried cause of her ex. Shirley La November 11, at 9: These users thanked J-Arc for the post total 3: I've forgotten my password.

Gyoshido Nov 10, 5: A prime example of what people would exhort to doing for money imo: And your super-amazing MS Paint skills? They just want to ride on the popularity after it blows up. Naked tv show. The above information is all the true information in relation to the leaked pictures.

Ailee nude pics

Gotta hand it to them We stated we saw it and it was most likely her, even sending the sample photo. The tip came from what we believe is the same informant that originally contacted us in June, as both IP addresses are from the same ISP in Toronto, Canada.

Ailee nake sex scandal Title: Actress Eugene pulls out of new drama November 14, I hope Ailee keeps her head up and isn't taunted or stunted in her career. Here are five stories that had everyone buzzing in Hong KongKorean.

Sephora Jean-Baptiste November 11, at 6: Fantasy Park' on May 20th. Ailee Stan November 11, at 2: The "anonymous" post was actually posted here http:

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After the police looked into it, it was becoming clear that the involved party was committing fraud while targeting female students in a portion of the university's town.

They should have really given it to the agency or the police and released it later I hope their asses get sued too. And besides, she has a beautiful figure! I hope Ailee keeps her head up and isn't taunted or stunted in her career. Girl pussy sex com. Up, Up and Away! At the end of the day, no one's perfect, but let's not be delusional, because if a fangirl tried to defend Seungri like that, you'd all be calling her a stupid fan. In relation to the controversial pictures of Ailee before her debut, we will be revealing the information that has been confirmed.

Fantasy Park' on May 20th. MCM unveils full-scale casual fashion pictures with Wanna One. This theory is a hell of a lot more plausible than anything i've seen lol. They just want to ride on the popularity after it blows up. Ailee nude pics. These pics are so great.

Newsen via Nate 1. Girl gets fucked outside. Less interesting and more disgusting.

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Not wearing anything, front and back Then we could say that Dispatch has some standards. We fear that Ailee may once again receive a large wound from the hurtful memory when she had forgotten the painful past and had been looking towards her dreams.

Back in June 28, an individual claiming to be from Canada sent in a tip to us that he had a " set of Ailee Nude Scandal Pictures " and that he would sell them to us [allkpop] for the right offer. November 11, at 2: We will be taking strong legal action in relation to the person who disregarded protection of personal information and illegally circulated the pictures in question. Even with such pain, Ailee went for her dreams, so we are worried that this past event will hurt her even more.

Nov 13, A statement from her camp admitted she is indeed the subject. I follow his twitter although I dislike him lol. If legally requested by YMC, we will provide all information to the proper authorities, to ensure that the truth of the matter is revealed.

Actress Eugene pulls out of new drama November 14, Isuel November 11, at 2: Park Nima is not an anchor woman of Korea.

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