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Yep I definitely agree as long as they have manners Burp Fetish Forums Welcome! How is that sexy? Yes, I think its help burping. Fucking milf in office. It really depends on the guys preferences. Sexy girl burp. I think it's pretty sexy.

Burping is considered rude, and it challenges the mindset that all girls are or should always have perfect manners and not be rude, while it is considered more acceptable for guys to be rude.

So is it sexy? If I need to, I burp whenever it comes. Ok, so this friend of mine used to walk around, burping occasionally, but I realised when she was about to burp, cos the first thing she'd do is purse her lips together, look kinda down at the floor, and then it seemed like by my reaction, she would 'decide' how loud to burp, like she could always burp louder, no matter how huge the burp was!

Sign in to access your account. Burping and being sexy girls only. I'm a sexy bomb! I was working at Subway, at this girl by the name of Caelyn and I were discussing music tastes, and she was saying she didn't really mind Chris Browns song can't remember which one and then as she was drinking a fanta, she turned away for a second and I wasn't looking, which I wish I had been, and then she let one rip, which was soooooooooooooooo fucking loud, brassy, and bassy I felt my nuts fucking TINGLING as she got to the end of the burp and she just goes "scuse me.

Before I start, hopefully you guys and girls can top my stories, because I get a big thrill out of reading your stories, so lets keep this up!!! We hope you enjoy your visit! Over the years I have learned that not only do females burp more than males, they are often better at it too. I like the nasally burps the best, or sorta throaty burps.

I invited her to a party, which she didn't really want to drink at, so when she got there, I bought her some coke in a glass, and after she finished it 5 minutes later, she goes "Ohhhh So, after that, the next best burp I woulda heard was some random girl that was sittting down eating at Subway that just let one rip really loud typical guy sounding burp that just looks up and goes "excuse me! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

I was really turned on. What Girls Said 5. Milf tennis porn. To be completely honest, and it'll blow your mind, some guys are turned on by girls belching, in the same way that others are turned on by feet or balloons or bubble wrap or whatever else.

There's a lot of weird fetishes out there, and a burping fetish is indeed rare, but one of them. If its necessary, I will let go my talent. Whenever i feel to. I'm beautiful as an angel. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Especially if she burps in my face. I'm also perplexed that this didn't get the all-out belching girl of the club talking about her talent.

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I don't like to show my talent. I burp even if I feel less sexy. Really old lesbians. I will always burp as loud as I can, at all costs! Sounds like you have an interesting set of friends. Yes, I always burp when I'm in the shower! Anyway, as they sat there swearing, laughing, and generally being disgusting one of them let out this really loud belch.

This poll was created on It was the first of many burping adventures. Some guys like cute ones and others like them long and "passionate" I can do both LOL I make burping fetish clips for men interested in the fetish.

What Guys Said 7. Seems girls get a real kick out of burping. Sexy girl burp. Ok I burp sometimes but not like just to bug people and burp, but I say excuse me. I was really turned on.

I don't need a channel to make people see and hear my belches. Julianna rose mauriello nude. So is it sexy? I often drink soda, beer or carbonated drinks to induce myself to make a deep belch. Last edited by mindfield2 on 14 Mar Haven't heard any good efforts lately. It's not, must just be his perspective. You should see male, female, and none specified.

To be completely honest, and it'll blow your mind, some guys are turned on by girls belching, in the same way that others are turned on by feet or balloons or bubble wrap or whatever else.

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No registered users and 5 guests. I'm not kidding either lol. I honestly don't know why but if you do get the right answer please let me know lol. It was a friend of mine that let one rip one day, a really brassy one, that sorta resounded in my head as she did it, and I just stood there, with my jaw wide open as if to say, "ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yep I definitely agree as long as they have manners We hope you enjoy your visit!

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